Difference Between Transactional and Promotional SMS

Transactional SMS: – From the busy schedule of your life, you must don’t have enough time to read out all the unnecessary message but on the second note, you don’t want to miss out your important messages like bank account information, train reservation, airlines system, Notifications, alerts, discounts and many more. Transactional SMS work over for both DND and non DND numbers. This type of text marketing does not promote any kind business. usually transactional SMS used to notify the current activity.

There is lot of fields that used the transactional SMS:-

Banking sector
Financial Company
Educational firms
E -Commerce sector etc.
Railway system
Airlines system
Sign up sites and application.

Benefits of transactional SMS:-

These are validate for 24/7hours of the day.
Improve brand loyalty through open sender id because initial words of messages includes enterprises name.
These types of SMS are based on real time category.
Transactional SMS support excel plug in mode through this mode we send the SMS to many number of people in short time from the excel sheet. It is easy to use if take some precaution like excel data should be maintain in proper way.

Promotional SMS :-Those messages are deliver to only NON-DND numbers with the aim of branding any kind of product/service. The main advantage of promotional SMS is to provide one to one communication. Promotional SMS linked directly with the individual one. Promotional SMS services are the cheapest mode to promote your business. According to many surveys peoples prefer to mobile marketing as compared to other marketing techniques because SMS marketing allows profit to both customers as well as owners. Promotional SMS are validate for 9AM to 9PM in a day.

There are also lot of fields that used the promotional SMS:-

Real estate sector used SMS marketing for campaigning.
Small entrepreneur can also use SMS marketing.
Tour and travels firms promote their firms.
Hospitals, universities and any product you can promote through mobile marketing at affordable price.

Benefits of Promotional SMS:-

Text messaging market promotes your product at cheapest rate.
It provide one to one communicate facility.
You can promote your business over the area where you want.

For the better use of SMS marketing services you need a good reseller.for the better outcome your selection of reseller must be appropriate because better reseller have the good quality of data and good quality of data provide good leads from campaign.

Considerations to Be Made for Producing Trade Show Videos

We have witnessed and are witnessing a continuous evolution of video quality and the means of sending or making the videos available. Various elements like the seeker, which allows the user to skip portions of the videos, advertisement inhibitor extensions, which blocks any video pop-ups are compelling the companies and ad agencies to find out new methods of getting their message sent across to prospective clients. Video content production is including newer formats deviating from the traditional ones.

Today ICT based facilitation of communication has transcended space and time. When a thoughtfully created video content taps into the aforesaid advantage, the results are astounding. Now it’s no more about simply conveyed about the products and services. It is about communicating the right kind of emotions; it’s about the association of prospective clients to the story of the brand.

Therefore, video content production is endeavoring in narrative film making. Thereby there are not creating mere advertisement, but a short film. The hard selling approach of the traditional commercial is passé. Today’s consumers are thoughtful and are not in a mere rat race. They would like to be entertained, they adore creativity and they would want themselves to be inspired and allowed the food for thought to understand why they should care. Basically, personalities are being created through effective video content creator. The prospective clients are in search of that one single strand of the video that could be associated with their own.

However, when it comes to trade show videos the considerations are slightly different than that of the aforesaid. Any video related to the corporate structure, products and services knowledge or various other services by organizations simply can’t be used as trade show video. Nevertheless, the basic structure of the aforesaid organizational videos can be incorporated. First and foremost, the majority of the trade show videos would be projected or played on monitors higher than 36 inches and the fact that we gotten used to high definition picture and audio. In view of above such expectations would be there too among people who have come to attend the show. The length of the videos shouldn’t be too short Viz. 1 minute to 2 minutes, because attendees come to the show to with prior consideration that it is a time consuming exercise, a 2 minute video won’t do this consideration justice. Neither a 10 minute long video would do justice to their time, since the attendees should be able to move around and visit other booths as well. Therefore, the attendees will lose interest, if the videos are longer.